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Aquatics EXTREME


To provide a fun, intensive program oriented around aquatic activities.


  • Create a safe a challenging experience for each participant.
  • Learn new skills and improve existing ones.
  • Teach new topics and techniques beyond the usual camp experience.

Program Description:

Aquatics Extreme is an intensive aquatics-based program. Participants will take part in all of the typical Aquatics II activities (water park including the crag and trampoline, skiing, tubing and wakeboarding behind our ski boat the Red Zeppelin, canoe and kayak trips across Northwood Lake, and team games and competitions), but will also get to experience SCUBA diving, spend extended time in our 28’ whale boat, the Craig Ryder, and take part in several out of camp trips to local rivers and the sea coast. 

There are so many activities available that they can’t all be done in one week so participants will be able to “choose their own adventure” to design they program that they want once they get to camp.
The program will be run by our National Camp School trained Aquatics Directors and our highly trained Aquatics Staff.


Scouts who are age 13 and above and have their Swimming Merit Badge.

Merit Badge Incorporation:

While merit badges are not the focus of Aquatics Extreme, there typically is time during the week for some merit badge instruction.

Tools to Accomplish Goals:

  • Well-trained and experienced staff able to provide instruction and guidance to all participants.
  • Large variety of Aquatics related equipment
  • Off site locations offering challenges and opportunities not available at Wah-Tut-Ca

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