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To eagerly search for what is over there. To catalog, photograph, record and discover the natural & archeological history of Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation.

Program Description

This program is the annual field study for an ongoing multi-year project to investigate the unique natural features of Wah-Tut-Ca and the Northwood Area Land Management Cooperative. This area is over 3,000 acres in the transitional zone between the Merrimack and Lamprey River watersheds.  We identify and photograph plants and animals, search for underground springs and work on real archeological sites.  It is run as a real scientific research laboratory guided by real scientists.  If you are considering science as a career this is an outstanding opportunity.

2013 Projects:

IDENTIFICATION:  Digital photography, hand held, submersible and aerial are used to photograph plants and animals. In 2013 we will focus on raptures- birds of prey that live and nest on the reservation.

THE WAH-TUT-CA EVENT:  10,000 years ago glaciers terra-formed Wah-Tut-Ca. This event created the cliffs and the rocky soil and hills of WTCSR. This project examines how that processed worked. Focus is to examine the length of time it took. We will examine geological evidence if the process occurred slowly over thousands of years, or to test the theory that a catastrophic event such as an earthquake caused the Wah-Tut-Ca Event.

THE SWAIN FARM:  In 2012 the Biosphere team discovered part of the Swain Farm was under Northwood Lake. Using our remote operated submarine we plan to look under the lake to find and map Swain farm activities.

THE STANDING STONE:  Work will continue on the Standing Stone- a granite monument that may have been placed by pre-Columbian American Indians. Other sites thought to be Native American in origin will also be examined. This work will include examinations of other stone works on Blake’s Hill.

SURFACE HYDROLOGY: In 2013 the Biosphere team will return to Hosmer A., one of NH’s largest and most significant vernal pools. Focus will be on nocturnal observations- LATE NIGHT A HOSMER A. Also under examination will be the Sagamore Brook, examining water quality and variations.


All Scouts and Scout Leaders Can Participate

Although it is not the focus of the week, many merit badge requirements will be covered during the week. As allowed by the program, additional time will be given to work on additional merit badge requirements


Biosphere is a data-driven program. Each day we set out on a set of objectives. At night the team meets to share the results and plans the next days activities on the basis of the information collected.

Tools to accomplish goals

Outstanding Scientists, Research Associates and Research Fellows.
 Advanced Laboratory and imaging equipment that no other Scout Camp has.

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