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To provide a safe, fun climbing program that exceeds the typical summer camp experience, through quality, certified instruction from experienced individuals, at natural and artificial rock faces.

Program Description: 

Cliffhanger is an extreme climbing program geared towards adventure and pushing your limits both physically and mentally. Throughout the week, higher, harder, and more technical routes will be presented to participants as they are ready to face their next challenge. Our highly trained and certified staff will encourage participants to learn new skills and techniques and apply them at their own pace. 

Cliffhanger will start the week off at Wah-tut-Ca at the Helix and bouldering wall to refresh climbing and belaying skills, evaluate the group’s skill level, and build the team work that will be needed for the rest of the week. Cliffhanger will then move on to some off-site climbing locations to take advantage of advanced climbs at rock gyms and on natural rock faces. The last night of the week is usually spent on exploring and camping on Cliff Island. All participants can expect serious climbing, eating and sleeping from the point they put their gear in a tent, until the closing campfire Friday night.

From bouldering walls to natural rock faces, and ascending to repelling, participation in this program will give a new perspective as you look down at all of your friends and out at the amazing views of New Hampshire.  Climb On!

*Off-site climbing adventures are subject to availability of facilities/sites to be used*


  • Provide a safe and fun experience to scouts.
  • Increase scouts understanding of climbing technique, safety and opportunities.
  • Challenge even experienced climbers with new and difficult projects.
  • Allow opportunities for scouts to work on and or complete climbing merit badge.


Scouts ages 13 or older.

Merit Badge Incorporation:

  • Although it is not the focus of the week, merit badge requirements can be accomplished
    • With all of the climbing, it will be a breeze to complete your three climbs, three rappels, and 6 belays.
    • Safety requirements and procedures will be covered prior to even leaving the ground.
    • Our highly trained staff can do additional requirements at almost anytime.
    • Additional time may be worked out as needed at the discretion of the Climbing Director and/or Program Director


The Cliffhanger schedule will vary depending on the weather and the skill level of the participants. There are many great locations to climb in southern New Hampshire and the program will be tailored to challenge every participant. Expect 1-2 days of climbing in camp, one or more trips to local rock gyms, multiple excursions to natural rock faces, and an overnight out of camp at the end of the week.

Tools to Accomplish Goals:

  • Certified, well-trained, and knowledgeable staff able to provide high quality instruction and support to climbers.
  • External resources including, rock gyms, natural rock faces, and specialized equipment.

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