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Top Shot


To provide a safe shooting sports program that goes beyond the usual summer camp experience through quality instruction and a variety of competitions

Program Description

Loosely based on the History Channel hit show, “Top Shot,” Top Shot: Wah-Tut-Ca is an extension of our regular shooting sports programs. Top Shot will use a high level of instruction combined with team competition to create a fun, safe environment for scouts to further their experiences with shooting sports.  Activities will include target and field archery, .22 rifles, trap or skeet shooting, and primitive marksmanship skills such using tomahawk, atl’ atl’, and slingshots.  Several out of camp trips are planned to take advantage of nearby facilities that will augment the program. 

On the first day Top Shot participants will be divided into even teams and will spend the rest of the week in combination of instruction, practice, and competitions intended to teach new skills and hone existing ones. A wide variety of challenging competitions have been devised and the winners will earn points for their team. The final competition will call upon many of the skills learned during the week to earn the last few points to put one team over the top. The team with the most points at the end of the week will be named Wah-Tut-Ca’s Top Shot.

As with any shooting sports program, safety is our number one concern at Top Shot. All activities will be run in accordance with BSA guidelines and will be overseen by our National Camp School and National Rifle Association trained instructors and Range Safety Officers. None of the competitions will be based on speed, and will instead focus on accuracy, skill development, teamwork and safe handling procedures.


  • Provide a safe and fun experience to participants
  • Increase participants knowledge of shooting sports as a whole, as well as individual firearms, bows, and other like equipment with a focus on safety
  • Allow opportunity to work on the Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, and Archery merit badges


Scouts ages 13 and older

Merit Badge incorporation

Although it is not the focus of the week, many merit badge requirements will be covered during the week. As allowed by the program, additional time will be given to work on additional merit badge requirements


As with the Top Shot TV program, the day’s activities and competitions will not be known to the participants ahead of time. Any parents or leaders who would like more information on the schedule, activities, or competitions can contact

Tools to accomplish goals

  • Well trained and knowledgeable staff to provide proper supervision and instruction to shooters
  • External resources, such as private ranges and equipment, as necessary
  • “Experts” for professional instruction (aka police officers, sportsman’s club officials, etc.)

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