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Advancement Opportunities

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Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation is an open program.  This means there are few merit badge “classes” and no centralized class schedules. Merit Badge work is done the same way a Scout earns them at home. He works at his own pace and when he is ready to pass off a requirement he meets with a camp counselor in the program area.   All of the program areas are open from 9:00-12:00 AM, 1:15-4:15 PM and 6:30-8:00 PM. Whenever an area is open, a Scout may walk in and work on a badge, learn a skill, participate in a special activity. Counselors are there to help guide and review their work.  The only areas that make exceptions to this scheduling rule are the Waterfront and the Trading Post, which have scheduled times for instruction, Merit Badges and recreation. Project COPE and AII are week-long programs meeting at scheduled times.

A Scout may work on three different kinds of advancement during his stay at camp, Rank Advancement, Merit Badges, and Special Awards.  Under the open program system, the amount of advancement a Scout completes during a week depends on his own initiative and desire.  Each program area maintains records of every Scout’s progress.  Scoutmasters are more than welcome to examine these records during the week so that they can keep track of their Scout’s progress.

Scoutmasters and Troop leaders are invited and encouraged to visit and spend time in any of the program areas in camp during the week. Please feel free to offer suggestions to the staff and offer to help with instructions. You can also be helpful in giving guidance to individual scouts in completing rank advancement and merit badge requirements.

There are several ways to work on rank requirements while at camp.  Scouts may go to the Discovery, Frontier, Sports or Waterfront program areas and work on rank requirements.  Patrol Leaders and other instructors are encouraged to bring their Scouts to the program areas and use the areas’ facilities to teach rank requirements and other basic skills.  Rank requirements are also part of the Project Green program.  The area staff also supports the following rank requirements:


Tenderfoot: 11            
Second Class: 2, 5, 6               
First Class: 6


Tenderfoot: 2, 3, 4abc, 5 
Second Class: 1ab, 2, 3cdef
First Class: 1, 2, 4abcde, 7ab, 8a


Second Class: 8abc
First Class: 9abc


Tenderfoot: 10*


Merit Badges

Badges listed with (partial) are badges that have requirements that have time requirements that cannot be completed at camp. We cannot accept notes that suggest the Scout completed these requirements. If a Scout has worked on these requirements under the supervision of an approved council Merit Badge Counselor we will be happy to provide documentation of the requirements they completed at Wah-Tut-Ca. The Scout can take that partial back to his home counselor who can then sign off the badge as complete.Further information about requirements they cannot complete in camp please speak to the Program Director.

If there is a specific Merit Badge that a Scout would like to do that is not listed please talk to the Program Director before or during camp to see if any arrangements can be made.

Badge Area Extra Purchases
Archaeology Discovery  
Archery Archery  
Art Handicrafts  
Athletics (partial) Sports  
Basketry Handicrafts Basket and Stool Kit 
Bird Study Discovery  
Camping (partial) Frontier  
Canoeing Waterfront  
Climbing Climbing  
Cooking (partial) Frontier  
Environmental Science Discovery  
Emergency Preparedness (partial) Frontier  
First Aid Health Officers  
Forestry Discovery  
Geocaching (Partial) Frontier  
Geology Discovery  
Golf (partial) Sports  
Insect Study Discovery Bring your own mounting box
Leatherwork Handicrafts  
Lifesaving Waterfront  
Mammal Study Discovery  
Motor Boating (partial) Waterfront  
Oceanography (partial) Discovery  
Orienteering (partial) Frontier  
Painting Handicrafts  
Personal Fitness (partial) Sports  
Pioneering Frontier  
Pottery Handicrafts  
Pulp and Paper Discovery  
Reptile and Amphibian Study (partial) Discovery  
Rifle Shooting Rifle Range Targets
Rowing Waterfront  
Salesmanship Trading Post  
Sculpture Handicrafts  
Shotgun Shooting Rifle Range  
Small Boat Sailing Waterfront  
Soil and Water Conservation Discovery  
Space Exploration Discovery Model rocket
Sports (Partial) Sports  
Swimming Waterfront  
Weather Discovery  
Wilderness Survival Frontier  
Water Sports Waterfront  
Wood Carving Handicrafts  

Awards and Recognitions

  • BSA Lifeguard 
  • BSA Snorkeling            
  • World Conservation Award
  • Mile Swim B.S.A.
  • Paul Bunyan
  • Firem’n Chit
  • Tot’n Chip 
  • CPR BSA Kayaking
  • BSA Kayaking

Programs for Leaders

  • Leave No Trace 
  • Safe Swim defense                  
  • Trek Safely
  • Paddle Craft Safety
  • Safety Afloat
  • Climb on Safely
  • BSA  Aquatics Supervision Swimming and Water Rescue
  • CPR
  • Youth Protection Training
  • Swimming and Water Rescue
  • BSA  Aquatics Supervision Paddle Craft Safety

If you are a merit badge counselor for non-camp merit badges and would like to counsel during your stay at camp, or if you have an interesting skill that you would like to share, please see the Camp Director or Program Director to volunteer your time!


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