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Aquatics II

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Aquatics II is a special high adventure aquatics program designed to provide older Scouts with a challenging aquatics experience. The program will focus on developing individual aquatic skills and knowledge using team concepts.   In order to qualify for attendance in Aquatics II, a Scout must be at least 13 years of age, have successfully completed the Swimming merit badge, and have their Scoutmaster’s permission. Scouts participating in AII will sign up for one of two time periods during the day, from 9-11 AM or 1:15-4:15 PM, and will meet every day during the week.

Through the use of aquatic activities, the AII program will provide a high degree of personal development for older Scouts.  Teamwork will be the emphasis of the entire program.  Team building sessions will strengthen the team and individual’s personal development both physically and mentally.

Scouts in the Aquatics II program will enjoy a wide range of activities including water skiing, water tubing, snorkeling, sailing, and boating “out of bounds.”  Aquatics II is a flexible program; the staff and Scouts will schedule the week to emphasize the options the Scouts in the group find most appealing.

Scouts are encouraged to sign up for AII Sunday evening after the camp tour.

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