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At our waterfront dry is not an option. We’ve got a fleet of sailboats, a ton of kayaks and canoes and a lake you can’t get enough of. The staff is pretty good too. Looking for an a greater waterfront experience? Check out Aquatics 2 and WTC EXTREME Bluewater Lifegaurd. (Look for them on the lake!)
The Wah-Tut-Ca fleet of boats includes kayaks, rowboats, canoes, and of course an ever growing fleet of sailboats. These boats will be available through out the summer for free boating as well as troop use on the lake.
There are instructional programs available in swimming, rowing, sailing, and canoeing. We call these sessions “Waterfront Skills Extravaganza.” By giving these sessions a more positive name than 'instruction', we have found that scouts are more likely to participate and less likely to be ridiculed for going. These sessions are designed to teach basic aquatic skills and are open to anyone.  No merit badges or rank requirements will be covered during these sessions.
In addition, there are merit badge sessions in the morning and the afternoon.  These sessions focus on the skills needed to complete merit badge requirements. Daily attendance is not required but highly recommended as badges are difficult to complete without attending all 5 days.  It is possible to complete the merit badge without attending all of the sessions and likewise, attending all of the sessions does not guarantee completion of the merit badge.  Morning and afternoon sessions typically cover the same skills and different skills are illustrated each day.
The waterfront is also a place for purely recreational usage during scheduled free swims and free boat periods.  Troops may schedule a Safe Swim and use the ten-man canoes.  You should contact the Waterfront Director upon your arrival at camp for more information.
The Wah-Tut-Ca fleet of boats includes kayaks, rowboats, canoes, sailboards, and of course an ever growing fleet of sailboats. AND THEN THERE IS THE CRAIG RYDER- a new 27ft Whaleboat for Troops to row, sail or both... All Wah-Tut-Ca boats will be available throughout the summer for free boating as well asTroop use on the lake.
CPR instruction is required for all Waterfront merit badges.  CPR instruction and certification will be offered at different times throughout the week. Wah-Tut-Ca certified instructors teach the American Heart Association – Heart Saver Level course.
Rank Requirements: Second Class 7abc, First Class 9
Other: Mile Swim, BSA Kayaking, BSA Snorkeling, Safety Afloat,
Safe Swim Defense. The BSA Lifeguard class will be offered at EXTREME week and other weeks upon sufficient demand and instructor availability.
Merit Badges: Canoeing, Lifesaving, Rowing, Small Boat Sailing, Swimming

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