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The Handicrafts area is the Reservation's arts and craft center. Scouts can work on a variety of projects in wood, leather, wax, etc. There are a wide variety of projects and materials for the campers to use as they please to stimulate their creativity. A week long challenge for the Scouts to create one incredible project is held. The area provides Scouts every opportunity to express themselves through all types of artwork. Scouts are given an opportunity to display their work in an art gallery at the end of the week.

Also, housed in a shed next to Abbott Lodge is the infamous Dorothy (aka the kiln, we named her after the thing in the movie twister). Scouts can make clay things by hand or use the pottery wheel, and have the staff fire them for pick up later in the week.

Merit Badges: Art, Basketry, Painting, Indian Lore (With Frontier), Leatherworking, Wood Carving, Sculpture, Pottery
Other: Patrol Flag Making, Wire Art, Tie-Dyeing, Bolo Tie Making, Craft Stick Sculptures, Leather Tooling, Hemp Jewelry, Wax Candle Making, And Much, Much More...

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