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SCOUTStrong Hike for Youth Fitness

Saturday, May 2nd, 2015
Topsfield Fairgrounds, 9:00 a.m. check-in, 10:00 a.m. start

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Join the 2015 SCOUTStrong Hike! This event is a wonderful opportunity for your unit to:

  • Participate in a fun, healthy, council-wide activity. New challenging activities like back pack Olympics are planned for older scouts, and fun additional activities will be available for all! Free overnight camping available for units wishing to extend their activities.
  • Raise money for camp or another activity for your unit. New this year: $20 to participate, get T-shirt and patch; additional fundraising 50/50 split with council. We have a great website to help you easily raise money on line: Click here to sign up!
  • Showcase the great fitness programs Scouting offers which prepare kids for a lifetime of healthy activity
  • Help support the Yankee Clipper Council develop our camps, programs and unit services, as well as making scouting available to more youth.

Watch the Tutorial - How to use Kintera to raise money for your unit


Join us to  support “The Good We Do” for children & young adults! Scouts, units, family and friends are conducting a SCOUTStrong hike to show the public our commitment to the public the issues of child health and fitness.

Let's tell the world what you and your unit is doing for children and young adults by providing activities for a healthy lifestyle.

Volunteers from all over the community are working together to stage this event. The stage will not be fully complete without you!

The event also offers us an opportunity to fund our unit programs while also providing funds to improve, grow and assure that Scouting thrives in our community. All of us are working to promote scouting we have an opportunity to sustain and strengthen our programs in our community. Starting with your unit. Half the money goes is to unit programs. The other half goes to community wide scouting support. Units can use the money however they feel will enhance their own program.

The remaining proceeds will help develop our camps, programs and unit services as well a making scouting available to more youth.

The fundraising component of this project is an excellent learning opportunity for our youth.  In the future these young people will need to find ways to fund their charitable aspirations- church, school, scouting. Learning how to be a “fundraiser” is a necessary skill for leadership. It is also important to teach them that they need to learn that money is needed to fund their programs.

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