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Beach Basketball is an exciting, non-stop action game played in the sand, by HOOPSTERS of all ages. The game was born more than four decades ago on the physical education fields of Gulf Shores School. This modified version of basketball, invented by Philip Bryant, has grown from a tremendously effective skill improvement game to a very popular, widespread competitive sport.

For the past 20 years, the World Beach Basketball Association© has developed a grassroots player interest, resulting in game play in 15 of the WBBA 36 worldwide regions. The WBBA Upper Caribbean Region, with commissioner Mickey Muñoz, was selected “2009 WBBA Region of the Year” for their efforts in administration of tournaments for Beach Basketball players. The 2011 Beach Basketball 18th Annual World Championships will be hosted by the WBBA in Gulf Shores, Alabama, the birthplace of Beach Basketball. Presently, seven WBBA World Regions are hosting upcoming tournaments.

HOOPSTERS of all ages are getting into the game…former Harlem Globe Trotter Ed Hicks (second from left) along with 1999 “Commissioner of the Year” Frank Bisesi (third from left) regularly participate on the sandy shores of Lake Erie.

If you are a coach looking for another game to add to your sports curriculum, Beach Basketball may be just the game. Beach Basketball® is the perfect game for boys and girls either young or old. Whether you have a beautiful beach or a gymnasium, the game is adaptable to either court. An Official Rule Book is available for $2.95, please send your request and either a Purchase Order # or your charge account information to: World Beach Basketball Association and the “Official Rules and Regulations”©will be mailed to you.
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Be part of the action! It’s hot, fast & fun.

Scott Defalco of Team Third Coast (spotting up for shot) along with team mates Kurt Soderman (dishing) & Andrew Beyer won “The Breaks” 1st game.

The Boy Scouts of America has launched its Soccer and Scouting program as an outreach to Hispanic youth and families. Soccer and Scouting will teach soccer skills and provide exciting competition, and at the same time boys will be Cub Scouts and learn the life-long values taught in the Scouting program. All of the materials will be published in English and Spanish.

Our national Soccer and Scouting program is an outgrowth of trial programs initiated in Orange County, California; Mt. Prospect, Illinois; Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Athens, Georgia; and tested in Denver, Colorado. In all of those locations, Hispanic youth joined Scouting in order to play the game with the their friends, and they learned once they were involved that Cub Scouting is fun and good for them.

Parents also get involved in our Soccer and Scouting program, as parent helpers, and as soccer coaches. Like Cub Scouting everywhere, most of the involved adults are the parents of the boys benefiting from it. In the case of Soccer and Scouting, the practices and games are usually family events, fun for everyone, and everyone learns a better way of life through Scouting.

It’s fair to say that Duane was born holding a basketball. His father, Peter, was selected to the German National Basketball Youth Squad in the early 1960’s before he moved to Australia. Duane began playing at an early age and has been a member of Manly Warringah Basketball Association (MWBA) since 1986, through which he completed his first referee’s course at age 11. Duane’s younger brother, Cameron, has represented Manly Warringah as a junior and in their Youth League team. He also played basketball for Lismore’s State League team, and for the Southern Cross University team.

Now 29, Duane has played, coached and refereed at representative level, participating in the Sydney Junior Championships (as a player, coach and referee) as well as what was known as the “Metro Cup” (as a referee) in the early 1990’s. He also represented Beacon Hill High School (as a player) both in the Sydney Schools competition along with the Shell Cup between 1989 and 1993.

Duane recently moved to Tweed Heads and has become involved with basketball there. He is now looking after the representative referees for the Tweed Coast Slammers. Along with basketball, Duane’s interests include computers, playing sport and riding his motorbike.

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